Glickman Alexander
Annie Oakes:

Cell: 416.873.7089
Phone: 416.960.0565
Fax: 416.960.3265

Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Sanctuary                                           Lead                Magalie Rouillard Bazinet
Lost Refuge                                        Principal           Bony Fiddle/B Mueller
West Side Story                                   Principal           Vanier College Prod
If You Want A Taste Of Madness          Lead                York U
One Potato Too                                   Lead                Vanier College Prod

Psycho Goreman                                 Supporting        Crazyball Inc.
Halloween Reflections                          Principal           Deadly Geek Productions
Penny Foster                                       Principal           Liliath and Penumbra
Contracts                                           Supporting        Foolhouse Films
A Band Called Desire: Wedding Song    Principal           Patrick Scopick
The Closet(Cannes VR 2016)                Principal           DimensionGate
Room and Bored                                 Lead                Tip Cow Productions
Faultline                                             Lead                Root 42 Media
Apartment 408                                   Lead                Blackline Productions
Duality                                              Lead                Whitrock Productions
A Heist With Mick, Judd and Clarence  Principal           12 Hour Dog Productions
Stay Warm                                         Principal          Whiterock Productions
The Seventh Script                              Lead               Humber
Broken Earth                                      Principal           Lost Signal Productions
Four Awkward Girls                             Supporting        Ryerson
Roxx Report                                       Host                  Corus Entertainment YTV
Greenbelt TV                                     Host                  FUSE
Misfortune Cookie                              Supporting         York
After These Messages                         Principal            York
Going Down, Johnny Brown                  Principal            Toronto Film Center
String Theory                                     Lead                 York
Return to Sender                                Lead                 York


Titans (SSE)                                           Larnell Stovall

The Expanse (SSE)                                 Mattie Birman

Control (SSE)                                         Chris Mark

See (SSE)                                              Jean Frenette

Psycho Goreman                                     Alex Chung

The Escape (Risk)                                   Randy Butcher
Classified – Fallen                                   Jonny Caines

Rabid (SSE)                                           Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle
Contracts                                               Alex Chung
Scratch                                                  Maninder Chana
Toronto Monkey Vault Group Fight           Le Kei Angelos
Reverse                                                  Alex Chung
Berendal                                                Alex Chung
Inhuman                                                Alex Chung
High Park Parkour                                  Yung Lee
Tyler Shaw – House of Cards                    Jonny Caines
Death F*** II                                           Giulio Calisse
A Band Called Desire - Bring Your Army    Kai Ferris
Hit Me Apocalypse                                  Alex Chung
Impossible Horror                                    Alex Chung
Glorious Sons - The Contender                  Jonny Caines
Vegas 911                                                Chino Ramirez
Reign (SSE)                                            Chris McGuire
Contracts                                                Alex Chung
Saw Legacy(SSE)                                    Amos Stern/Shawn Hamilton
Jib and Jab on a Quest                             Coordinator
KIN(SSE)                                                Neil Davison
Killjoys(SSE)                                            Alicia Turner
Designated Survivor(SSE)                         Nolan Greenwald
Rake                                                       Coordinator

HoloHome                                              Andre Boulet
Sprite Spec. Ad.                                       Marc Andre Debruyne

Bred for War                                           Tim Biemann



Improv for Actors Lvl 1                             Lisa Merchant                 Second City

Monologue Study                                     Various                         York University
The Scene                                               Various                          York University


Wire Workshop                                        Simon Fon                                   Rapier Wit
Wire Workshop 2                                      Simon Fon                                  Rapier Wit

Stage Combat                                         Steve Wilsher                              Academy of Dramatic Arts
PAL(Restricted and Non Restricted)           Daniel Levinson                          Rapier Wit

Stunt Stage(Various Skills) levels 1-3           Geoff Meech/Jean Frenette

Knife Defense                                          Gary Foo                                    Tactics on Set
Stunt Falls                                               Gary Foo                                    Tactics on Set
Tactical Action Actor Lvls 1&2                    Gary Foo                                    Tactics on Set
Tactical CQB/SAS and Medic                    Alan Bell/Ron Craig                     Tactics on Set
Archery                                                   Target Pro Archery                       Tactics on Set
Fighting for Film                                      John Stead                                  Violence in Motion

Fighting on Set                                        James Binkley                              Violence in Motion

Squad Tactics and Weapons                     Shawn Hamilton/Dan Levinson       Rapier Wit


Animation Voiceover Master Class             Stevie Vallance               Tooned In

Weekly Commercial(6 Weeks)                    Craig Mason                  KH Casting

Swimming, Canoeing, Tactical Team, Ski (Downhill),
Unarmed Combat, Baseball, PAL License, Wire-work,
Firearms, PADI open water, Mountain Biking, Long Board,
Gymnastics, Track and Filed, Roller Blade, Rapier,
Dagger, Falls, Gladius, Parkour, Driving(non-stunt), Kayaking, Mascot.